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Americans 55 and over account for more than 52% of all consumer spending. They are the primary purchasers of real estate, home remodeling services, household furnishings, vacation travel, finance/investments, healthcare, insurance, cosmetic surgery, pharmaceuticals and luxury automobiles.

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Think you know today's senior citizen? Let us reintroduce you!

New Jersey's seniors are busy. Very busy. Many of us are still working, with no plans to retire any time soon. We're remodeling. We're downsizing. We're obsessed with our health and engaging in lots of preventative healthcare. We're working out, trying to eat healthy, and dabbling more frequently in non-surgical cosmetic procedures.(Shh!) And when we finally have time to relax, we're dining out, ordering in, eyeing that luxury car we've always wanted, and dreaming of where we will travel next. And did we mention we love spoiling our grandchildren?

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